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Melbourne server updates (Resolved) Low

Affecting Server - MELKVM1

  • 20/08/2020 22:00 - 20/08/2020 23:00
  • Last Updated 20/08/2020 21:58

We will be patching our server in Melbourne with the latest updates as part of regular server maintenance.

Server Upgrades (Resolved) Low

Affecting Server - MEL01

  • 25/08/2017 00:00 - 26/08/2017 06:00
  • Last Updated 26/08/2017 14:06

Services may experience a short downtime while we perform upgrades to our main server. We expect services to be offline for a few minutes while the server undergoes a few reboots and resource upgrages.

SAN Failure (Resolved) Critical

Affecting Server - MEL01

  • 22/04/2015 22:30 - 24/04/2015 03:00
  • Last Updated 23/04/2015 09:54

There has been a SAN RAID failure and are currently investigating. We do not have an ETA at this time. We ask all clients to be patient while we work on the problem.

We are currently running DDRescue on the second failed drive, we're not sure how long this will take but are hopeful it will be done within a couple of hours. This mirrors the failed drive sector by sector onto a new drive, which we should then be able to replace into the RAID array recovering it to degraded status, at which time it should be active and able to rebuild to it's mirror.

We successfully copied all data from the second failed drive to a fresh drive, then rebuilt the array. The SAN is back online and all VPSs have been restarted. We apologise for this outage and hope it hasn't inconvenienced our clients. This was a unique situation with two drives that relied on each other failing within 30 minutes (while the rebuild after the first failure was occurring), thankfully we had previously been assured that if this happened data should still be recoverable as SSDs tend to fail on write rather than read.

Server Performance Upgrade (Resolved) Medium

Affecting Server - MEL01

  • 17/04/2015 20:00 - 17/04/2015 20:30
  • Last Updated 23/04/2015 09:50

Server will be undergoing a scheduled performance maintenance to improve website loading times. Websites will be temporarily unavailable with brief periods of downtime.

We don't expect this to take long, hopefully under 30 minutes with only a few minutes of downtime.

Server Maintenance (Resolved) Medium

Affecting Server - MEL01

  • 21/01/2015 20:30 - 21/01/2015 21:00
  • Last Updated 21/01/2015 22:23

Server will be undergoing routine maintenance and website will be unreachable for around 30 minutes.

We will be doing softare upgrades/patches to improve server performances.

Upgrade (Resolved) High

Affecting System - Billing Portal

  • 15/03/2013 16:00 - 15/03/2013 14:20
  • Last Updated 15/03/2013 16:03

Today at 4PM - 4.30PM (EST) we will be uprading our billing portal to the latest version. This is to fix multiple issues within the system that are not functioning properly due to the current version we are using.

During this period of time, you will not be able to log into your account. Downtime will be kept to a minimum if possible.